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Ignition Pro facilitates its students to the maximal.

Nestled in the pulsating heart of the city, our campus is not just a place of learning but a gateway to experiencing UK education and environment. Surrounded by thriving businesses, cultural landmarks, and a diverse community, our location offers students unparalleled opportunities to connect their academic pursuits with real-world experiences. Lahore’s vibrant energy fuels our campus life, providing a unique backdrop for both study and leisure. Here, you'll find yourself at the crossroads of education and urban living, where every day brings new opportunities to engage, explore, and grow in a dynamic setting.

Explore our Campus Life

Discover what we have at our campus before you join.

Study Center

Our study centre offers a quiet and focused environment, providing students with the ideal space to enhance their learning experience.

IT Lab

Discover the IT Lab at Ignition Pro. Whether you're researching or coding, our facility provides the tools and resources you need to excel in your studies.


Ignition Pro features a superior library that contains the wide collection of reading materials that are essential for the academic achievement and research in the soft and hard formats. We have a selection of books, handbooks, dictionaries, encyclopaedia, newspapers and other instruments related to all fields of study.


Bringing foodies together in the welcoming eating spot where students can satisfy their taste buds. Our beautifully designed cafe offers a menu of delicious food and beverages options that you can choose from according to your taste. Students have an access to a variety of snacks and meals in the air-conditioned food court throughout the day.

Internet Access

All students have free wireless access to the internet service at the campus. A high-speed internet connection is available at every space including in the classrooms, corridor, IT lab, library and everywhere around the campus.

English Language Class

Our campus offers an exclusive opportunity of English language course to the students. This programme is designed to advance students in speaking a fluent language and help developing the professional abilities in them. Students are highly motivated to take this course in addition to the regular subject courses.

24/7 Support

Our platform provides an endless support to our dedicated students. We have introduced the virtual learning system where students can interact, search for the course material and watch the previous lecture tutorials online. It has much facilitated our students to communicate easily with their instructors and seek learning.


Students can avail the facility of printing and photocopying of their notes or documents.

Prayer Area

We have a dedicated prayer area for our students.

Partners & Accreditations

The Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry
cyber essentials certified